Girl power @Bakkersvak shortly before the International Women’s Day

The presentations of our 3D Food Printing System Bocusini by Teresa and Eva Marlena at Bakkersvak (the national trade fair for bakers in the Netherlands in Rosmalen) got a lot of attention. Here we want to share some impressions of our small but nice stand with you.

This was a great start into the exhibition season. Already nex week, we will travel to Hamburg where we are looking for meeting you at the Internorga and Gastrovision.

2. Girlpower @ bakkersvag Our give-away Eva 5. im Gespräch cowded

Bocusini® wins innovation award: Trend Award 2016

We were able to convince the Südback expert jury of our 3D Food Printing System Bocusini® and are very proud of winning the Trend Award 2016. This top-class award is classified to be an important trendsetter in the bakery and confectionery business.

The award ceremony was part of the opening event of Südback (the fair for the bakery and confectionery trades) on October 22nd.

Gerd, Melanie and Sebastian (the 3 on the right) had the honour to take receipt of the prize in the name of the whole team.

Bildrechte Messe Stuttgart

The orginal Bridal Couple as Sweet

World debut: Original bridal couple in marzipan – 3D scanned and food printed

At the trade fair Suedback in Stuttgart (22.10-25.10.2016) we present a highly innovative world novelty:

From now on, everybody is able to scan a bridal couple in approx. 4 minutes using a tablet with a special 3D camera. After that the 3D food printer Bocusini Pro is modelling the bridal couple fully automatically. Special knowledge is not necessary. With a final modelling step, confectioners may add their own personal touch.

Incredible creative opportunities – Bocusini Choco available now

After the successful shipping of more than 100 Bocusini plug & play 3D Food Printing Systems, the startup Print2Taste will now focus on the development of innovative food refills and applications. Here, especially for expert users in the field of confectionary, bakery, gastronomy or catering) new fascinating business cases should be visible.

Therefore, within the next months several new Bocusini food refills will be available. Here, Bocusini Choco will be the first product enabling access to a new world of creatively printed food objects.

Choco Refills für das Bocusini 3D Food Printing System

It’s really plug & play: Just load the refill in the Bocusini system, easily create your own object and start your print.

Einfacher Einbau der Choco Refills

Fascinating choco objects with filigree wall thickness or complex shapes will be the nice reward for your efforts. A variety of different applications available for all Bocusini owners on the Bocusini web platform, will additionally enable all users to realise objects refined with their own delicious food fillings and creative decorations.

Choco Hohlform mit einer Füllung aus Johannisbeercreme

Although, due to the natural limitations of the food material, not all shapes may presently be realised, a huge variety of creative objects is imaginable.

Genusserlebnisse für Auge und Gaumen aus gefüllten Choco Objekten

More than 100 Bocusini 3D food printing systems meanwhile sucessfully shipped

We are really happy to tell you, that all preordered 3D food printing systems have meanwhile left our facilities. The whole team likes to thank you all for your faith in our project and the patience during the last months.


The development of such a new and innovative product is always a huge experience of sun and rain, highlights and drawbacks. Therefore, I would additionally take the opportunity to thank the whole team being involved in the development, production and fulfilment at Print2Taste. They had been facing a lot of challenges concerning the  Bocusini 3D food printer, the printable food products and the user interface.

Many thanks also to our partner printrbot and here especially to Brook and Byrren and the whole team behind for a lot of fruitful and challenging discussions and the support with the present printer system.

We hope, that for all of us, this will only be the first step to a new world of incredible impressive printable food products. At the moment, we are aiming on the development of new use cases or business models for our Bocusini owners. This could be for example the print of company logos or personalised messages on desert plates or cakes or the production of give-aways for customers. Economically much more interesting use cases will soon be visible here on

Bocusini is still the worldwide only universal plug & play 3D food printing system. To confirm this, we will soon launch 4 additional printable food products available as refill for the Bocusini system.

Your Bocusini Team

Skyscraper Day

Did you know that there is the „Skyscraper Day“ on 3rd of September? For us, this is a good opportunity for reporting on our first large give-away production and for launching the video of producing 450 miniature Upper-West skyscraper give-aways made out of marzipan.
The occasion was the topping-out ceremony of the Upper West on 19th of May, which was build next to the “Gedächtniskirche” in Berlin. Each guest should be provided with his or her own miniature Upper West as take away. Thus, we produced them at our facilities in Freising and brought them safely to Berlin. Additionally we accompanied the event in the Upper West with a demonstration showing the Bocusini® 3D Food Printing System live in action.