Incredible creative opportunities – Bocusini Choco available now

After the successful shipping of more than 100 Bocusini plug & play 3D Food Printing Systems, the startup Print2Taste will now focus on the development of innovative food refills and applications. Here, especially for expert users in the field of confectionary, bakery, gastronomy or catering) new fascinating business cases should be visible.

Therefore, within the next months several new Bocusini food refills will be available. Here, Bocusini Choco will be the first product enabling access to a new world of creatively printed food objects.

Choco Refills für das Bocusini 3D Food Printing System

It’s really plug & play: Just load the refill in the Bocusini system, easily create your own object and start your print.

Einfacher Einbau der Choco Refills

Fascinating choco objects with filigree wall thickness or complex shapes will be the nice reward for your efforts. A variety of different applications available for all Bocusini owners on the Bocusini web platform, will additionally enable all users to realise objects refined with their own delicious food fillings and creative decorations.

Choco Hohlform mit einer Füllung aus Johannisbeercreme

Although, due to the natural limitations of the food material, not all shapes may presently be realised, a huge variety of creative objects is imaginable.

Genusserlebnisse für Auge und Gaumen aus gefüllten Choco Objekten